Take Your Game to the Next Level

Do you want to win significantly higher payouts while only making minimum table bets? Do you want to take advantage of favorable card counting situations without having to count cards? During 18 months, 15 Casino trips and about 200 hours of playing Blackjack Incremental Betting (BIB), I won $65 over 100 times; $325 over 25 times; $730 six times; and $1,550 once. However, it gets even better the more you play as simulations indicate that $10 minimum bet BIB players should, on average, experience a $8,930 winning streak every 2,000 hours; or one out of every 2,000 BIB players should, on average, win $8,930 every hour. An important feature of BIB is that only the Casino’s money is at risk as soon as you start incrementing your bets. What makes increasingly larger bets less nerve racking is the same amount that your betting is already sitting with your chips and you have no idea how long your winning streak will continue. In fact, the chance of winning each next BIB bet is around 50%, no matter how many times you previously incremented your bet. From my point of view this adds a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of blackjack. You will usually be able to stay at a blackjack table longer than most players, even those with really deep pockets. It is a surprisingly easy thing to do. Play on!

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